And it’s the NASDAQ by a nose!!!  Yep, Facebook is listing under the ticker FB on the NASDAQ exchange, putting a profound sad face on the face of the New York Stock Exchange.  I guess Mark Zuckerberg isn’t interested in ringing the famous bell on the NYSE trading floor. The details are not yet released, but analyst are waiting to find out what was on the table to steer Facebooks decision.

Now, much to my surprise, the market didn’t fall out of bed today ahead of the long weekend.  I was shocked and appalled! Well, sort of.  Nothing in the market goes in a single direction forever.  With that said, much of the sell off happened earlier in the week.  Remember, ”tis the season to start getting ready for vacation!!” And with the short weak ahead, a lot of traders saw the writing on the wall, and started to get out early.  So much so that in the short term the market became OVERSOLD in a deep sell off took place overnight.  So with no where to go but up the market rebounded, sold off, then rebounded again today.  Expect another decisive move early next week as the market has formed a symmetrical triangle that it will have to break out of at it approaches the apex.  We’ll see.

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