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Volume was back today………..And I was loving it!  Nothing like some volume and volatility to make a traders day!! But enough about me……..these newsletters are about you!  So lets discuss an important concept in day trading. And that is the concept of SPECULATION!

So, what is speculation in the market place?   On a basic level, speculation is when you think the price of something is going up or down, for “whatever reason” . But because you don’t know to a certainty, this is defined as speculation. ‘If that was the case though, then everybody would be considered a speculator, right’ Good point!  Most commonly, speculators are viewed as  ”guys” who “couldn’t care less” about whether or not it makes fundamental sense for the price to be where it is.  All they care about is being on the right side of the trade, and making money because of if.  Period. For example if the bears and bulls are fighting, and the price of gold goes to $1800.00 per ounce,  they don’t care whether this makes sense or not.  As long as other speculators, and super computers are all going to bid the price up,……. they are going to try to profit from it however they can.  Then why do some people in the market talk like speculation is bad? Well, frankly it can be!……remember when gas was damn near $5/gal? That was due to speculation.  There was absolutely no reason for gas to be up that high.  No catastrophe, no shortage, …….nothing.  That was pure manipulation of markets, really.  Really just another case of the rich and powerful making money at the expense of the “common man”!!  Even though most of them may not know themselves, stuff like this is one of the reasons why they were out there occupying wall-street. Keep in mind however, most of the speculation is done by super-computers, who also couldn’t care less about what we pay for gas!!

Investors, mark your calendars: March 22 Greece has a huge Bond payment.  Watch the markets as this date approaches (we’ll re-visit this later)

There’s a lot of speculation about the BLUE TRADE, and the markets we fade,…..  is the course for real? Can I really get paid?    Well speculate no more.  Let’s answer all of these questions and more TOMORROW !!  WED FEBRUARY 1ST 2012 , we are going to open up the charts! And see HOW SIMPLE trading can be!…….Yep, tomorrow morning……It’s me and you partner!!

Quote:  You’re not going to get it by osmosis….
PS.  Yes, I know “alot” is not a word……thank-you. C-yaTomorrow Smarty!!



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